Zombie in my Pocket for Windows Phone 7




Zombie in my Pocket is a classic single player modular board game ( In a modular board game, the board is made up of several smaller sections that can be combined in different ways to create the play area ) by Jeremiah Lee. As the name suggests there are zombies in the game and the short version of the story goes something like this

You’re searching for the secret of the evil temple where you can find the zombie totem to destroy the zombies rising from the dead. You can pick up items to bash zombies along the way. Find the zombie totem, then bury it in the backyard graveyard before midnight and you’ve saved the world. Otherwise, you’re zombie food.

The video will give you a run down on the features and gameplay involved in Zombie in my Pocket for Windows Phone 7. The game features some additional content like achievement that are not a part of the traditional board game.

Zombie in my Pocket Gameplay for WP7

Developer Info : madcow1922 ( youtube )
Image Credit : skirkham.wordpress.com

Update : Thank you for the wonderful exposure you have given to our app and our video, we really appreciate all the support we can get. Unfortunately, we are in contact with the creator of Zombie in my Pocket and are currently negotiating terms, since this app was developed as an independent project. Since we are unsure of the future of our app, whether or not we will be able to launch it in its current form, we have decided to take down our video temporarily. We hope to sort out the details and be able to show off a stronger app in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • JLee

    Hello All,
    This is Jeremiah Lee, the designer of the game. I wanted to just let everyone know that I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to come to an agreement. I’d love to get this app out for everyone to play soon.


    • http://www.bestwp7games.com/ Saijo George

      that sounds great :)