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BestWP7Games is an exclusive Windows Phone Games review site. We focus on bringing our readers the very best windows phone games. It was created to answer one question that we often get asked
So we get out to review windows phone games and have done quite a few reviews over the years ( if you want to read up on how we started and all that jump on to the about us page ).

From xbox to indie games we cover them all and we often review these games to see how well they meet our expectations. Some of them did really well and gets the title of top windows phone games others did quite bad, and most often we come across games that are average.

We also classify these games based on categories , you can pick them out from the sidebar , so if you are in to multiplayer games, puzzle games, RPG or even FPS you will find something that is to your liking.

You guys want us to review a game just let us know and we will try and make it happen.
Purple Cherry : Game Boy Emulator for Windows Phone
Emulators for still-in-copyright games are a thorny issue, but the apps exist on almost every computer and mobile phone device. On Windows