Best Windows Phone 7 Games

This site focuses on the Windows 7 Phone and discusses the variety of games that can be enjoyed with the device. Since mobile gaming has become quite popular, there are hundreds of games that can be downloaded. Gamers can enjoy an array of titles from puzzle games to role playing games. There are even casino games that can be played for free or for real money payouts. With the Windows 7 Phone, players will enjoy a larger viewing area than other devices and will also be able to enjoy fast operation and easy downloads of games.

The Windows 7 Phone may not be a compatible device at mobile casinos which is why players need to check on compatibility before accessing the sites. Since the device is a recent model, it should easily be able to access the top rated games available, offering gamers hundreds of choices.

History of Windows Phone 7 Games

The windows Phone consists of multiple mobile operating systems that have been developed by Microsoft to use in smartphones. This is a replacement for the prior Windows Mobile. The windows Phone offers a new interface and in October of 2010, the first device was launched, the Windows Phone 7. Soon after the release of the Windows Phone 7, Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. This was an upgrade and offered a mobile version of Internet explorer to support the same graphic standards as a desktop version of Internet Explorer. There was also a Tango version that addresses some bugs and lowered hardware requirements to allow most devices to run Windows Phone. The final version of the Windows Phone 7, 7.8, was released in 2013 since the Windows Phone 7 devices could not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. The final update offered a new start screen, more wallpaper options and some added colour schemes.

The Windows Phone 7 provides the ability to download games from the Windows Phone Store. Here, players can find all sorts of popular games, including role playing games, casino games and much more. The device also allows some Xbox Live functions, where users can send message to friends, view and edit profiles, see achievements and interact with their chosen avatar. Many of the top developers of games offer software that can be used on the Windows Phone 7, including EA games as well as popular social media games like Candy Crush and Bejewelled. Regardless of what type of game players enjoy, they will be able to find something fun and addicting. The Windows Store is loaded with sports games, casino games, RPGs and so much more.

Types of Windows Phone 7 Games and Popular Titles

Those that are still using the Windows Phone 7 will have the ability to enjoy a great variety of games on their device. The Windows Store is a platform designed by Microsoft top offer games and applications to be downloaded by Windows 7 Phone users. Those that have an Xbox account will be able to access the store remotely from the phone. Microsoft has spent much time to offer a superb line-up of games that are available to play on the Windows Phone 7. The Windows Store currently offers more than 300,000 apps that can easily and safely be downloaded for gaming excitement. The game selection covers all types of games. From the Windows Store, players can enjoy puzzle games, themed games, skill games, casino games and much more.

Players will have a choice between accessing free games or paying for game downloads. Most players will choose free games and with some great selections available, players will always have excitement at their fingertips. Guzzle is a 3D puzzle game that can offer endless action and excitement. The game is completely free and offers more than 3,000 puzzles along with three levels of difficulty. Clash of Atlantis is also a popular free game from the Windows Store and this is a strategy game. Players will have to call upon Gods and boost defences to defend the city from the invaders. This defense game offers 90 levels and 27 types of defense towers.

There are thousands of games that are available and players will find new games being offered on a regular basis. The Windows Store divides these up by category as well as game popularity. Some of the hot hits this year include Fruit Ninja, Need for Speed Undercover, Angry Birds, The Sims 3, Guitar Hero 5 and Flowerz.

Online Casino Games for Windows Phone 7

Many gamblers own a mobile device and those that have a Windows Phone 7 will benefit from access to stunning casino games. These games can be played for free when downloaded from the Windows Store, but there are also apps that will link players to real mobile casinos where they can play their favourite casino games for real money payouts! Players who register at online casinos can also benefit from tons of bonuses and promotions that will offer free money so that one can continue playing.

Windows Mobile casino games will provide a great experience for the player and the device offers high resolution to present a superb visual display. The device also has a great touch screen and fast processing. These combine to create one of the best experiences online, very similar to what would be enjoyed at a land casino. One of the best Windows Phone 7 mobile casinos is mFortune, where more than 30 games can be enjoyed. Another trusted site is William Hill, offering more than 20 games from Playtech.

When using this windows device, there are many casino games that can be enjoyed. Players will find traditional, video and jackpot slots, variations of blackjack, poker and other card games as well as table games like roulette and craps. While each mobile casino is a bit different, those using this Windows device will surely have many sites to choose from, all presenting awesome casino games from leading developers in the industry. In addition to having the ability to play casino games 24/7, players will also benefit from outstanding welcome bonuses and ongoing offers. With leading NZ casino sites online offering a mobile app, Windows Phone 7 users can find just about any type of casino game to enjoy for huge payouts or just for fun.

General Thoughts on Windows Phone 7 Games

Since Xbox games can be linked to the Windows Phone 7, it was a huge hit for gamers when the device was released. All Xbox games can be sent to the device and there is also the Xbox Live hub, where players can load games, track achievement points and more. In the Windows Store, not all games will be created equal and any developer can be part of a storefront that is very similar to the Apply App Store. What makes the Windows device unique is the ability to link to an Xbox.

Aside from the Xbox ability, the device can be used to play just about any mobile game created. This includes gambling at leading mobile casinos or playing social games like Candy Crush. The selection of games is always changing and players can enjoy simple classic games like Tetris, or they can move on to the extreme role playing games that can be quite complex. No matter what players choose, the Windows Phone 7 is a great smartphone for gamers.

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