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Krashlander New Level

Krashlander is a unique Windows Phone 7 exclusive game, that is nothing short of spectacular in our opinion. You find a lot of clones for famous tiles and then you have a horde of iPhone titles that are quickly ported over , some don’t even look good on WP7 and has pixelated graphics but end up being an xBox Live title !!! While exclusive titles like these which I think Microsoft should try and push to more gamers by featuring it often on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace are not able to take advantage of Windows Phone 7′s XBox Live feature.

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Krashlander is a combination of physics and sidescroller in to a landscape only game. You are Krashlander a stick man like dude in a krash-suit and a pair of skis, and your goal is to take down any and all robots that are stationed in your area, if you miss and go crashing down the slope your Krashlander will cry out in agony. These robots does nothing and stand around all day waiting for you to come along and knock them down and if you though this is a piece of cake you have got something else coming your way. There is a bit of learning cure to this WP7 game. The game has got an inbuilt tutorial that will run you through the gameplay and controls involved, I suggest you give this a go before jumping in to the game. There are 15 levels for you to conquer and depending on the number of attempts you take to complete the game you are awarded 0 to 3 stars ( or dots ). I found myself replaying stages over and over till I could get all 3 stars, so that should tell you that the game has a good replay value. The only issue here is that there is no way to share the news my glory with others. If any one from Microsoft is listening, please let this game in to XBox Live, we need leaderboard and achievements for this game..

There was a few minor issues that I had with the game, if Krashlander falls down I kinda wish there were a dedicated button for him to jump back on to his feat and I also felt that if I move Krashlander to lean forward it should speed up my movement , at the moment it does not feel like it does anything. In the future accelerometer controlled Krashlander would be most welcome ;) ( at least for leaning forwards or backwards ).

Krashlander New Level

Krashlander New Level

If you are wondering 15 levels are not enough, a little birdy told us the developer is planning to release a new free krashlander level every week, we dont know for how long. I for one can’t wait for them to start rolling out. Even with the 15 levels I think this is one of the best value windows phone 7 games on the marketplace at the moment.

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There is a Trial available for Krashlander on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace which allows you to play the 1st 5 levels of Krashlander .

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