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Zebrasqual you are The Best Windows Phone Gamer in The World and the efforts you put in to unlocking those achievements will no longer go unnoticed. It looks like the drive to unlock achievements are no longer limited to the console and in the ongoing battle for The Best Windows Phone Gamer it would seem Zebrasqual has a healthy lead over the next top gamer Omfamna. We had a chance to catch up with this gamer to pick his brains to see what is the drive behind unlocking these achievements and how he goes about it.

If you want to see who is on Top and find out how to stack up with the rest jump on to TrueAchievements. This list tracks the gamer and the number of achievements they have unlocked by playing xbox live windows phone games. This list does not show you the ratio of of achievement unlocked per game or any indication in to the skill level for the gamer , nor does it include indie games for the platform but as of now its the only way for us to find out the best and that best is Zebrasqual .. and yes he is human we had him go through a CAPTCHA challenge.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Michaël C, I’m a 30 year old guy from Nantes, France. My job consists of Security/Safety and I’ve been working at the same company since I had this job, which is something like 11 years ago.

What does Zebrasqual stand for ? How did you come up with the name ?

I liked that word when I heard it in a french rap song. It was used as a codename for a police patrol. Therefore, when I had to choose a gamertag, it didn’t take me too long. It was the first name that came to mind.

What Phone do you own ?

I have the Samsung Omnia 7 since day one but I’m planning on buying the Nokia Lumia 900.

It’s the same as me I own an Omnia 7 and an looking to get a Lumia 900, now I just have to unlock about 1600 or so achievements and we will be in the same league.

Did you know you were the best Windows Phone Gamer out there ( at least when you go by the achievements ) ?

Well, yeah, I know I am at the moment thanks to Windows Phone leaderboards. I wasn’t “the best” when they made those leaderboards so I tried to get the first spot and made it a challenge of mine.

So how does it feel to be the on Top ?

It’s cool but I’m a little further ahead of the other Windows Phone gamers so it doesn’t feel quite the same as having close competitors.

Feeling a bit comfortable up there are we .. Omfamna, wuki 7, TNTJudbud , K4rn4ge hope you guys give him a good fight. ;)

Do you just go for Xbox live Games on Windows Phone or do you try out Indie titles as well ?

I only go for Xbox Live Games on Windows Phone. It was the main reason I bought the phone. I also tried a couple Indie games too, but I’m not that interested in those.

Its a shame coz there are some realy good indie titles out there.

How many hrs do you put in to Windows Phone Games every day ?

It really depends but once a new game is released, I usually attempt to unlock all of the achievements. Sometimes it gets done in one day so I could be waiting until the next release. As I was working my way to the top, I spent all of my free time on the phone.

In one day .. are you kidding me ? You are human aren’t you .. perhaps we need to update our CAPTCHA challenge.

What was the easiest windows phone game you got 100% of the Achievements on ?

If I remember correctly, the easiest/fastest game was Collapse. There are a few others too such as: Butterfly, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Breeze.

What is the one achievement that is out of your reach ( if there is one ) ;)

With practice, everything is possible but I think those two secret achievements in Dodonpachi Maximum are definitely staying locked.

So any of our readers unlocked em yet ?

You got a wishlist of games that you want to see on Windows Phone ?

Not really but I recently played Trials Evolution on XBLA and would really like it on the phone. There’s an Indie game similar to Trials called Bike Mania. I know Xbox games and phone games can’t really be compared but Bike Mania isn’t as good as Trials Evolution.

In our review Bike Mania did pretty well, of course there is no xbox live achievements to unlock there.

So what are your Favourite Games on Windows Phone

I don’t know in which order I’d put them but the five games I most enjoyed were: I Dig It, Jet Car Stunts, Gravity Guy, Chickens Can’t Fly and Pocket God. As you may have noticed, they are all very different as I really don’t have a favorite genre.

What do you think of the lack of true multiplayer games on windows phone ?

I wonder if that would happen one day. There is Wordament but it can’t really be considered as a true multiplayer game in my opinion. Only the future will tell…

Thanks for chatting with us Zebrasqual, we wish you all the best to stay on top and we also wish the very best of luck to those who are right behind you trying to knock you down from the top spot, we would not want to make it too easy for you now would we :). If you want to congratulate the champ he is on twitter @zebrasqual

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  • TsubakiCalamity

    I like this interview. And yet, I’m not a big fan of phone games, but more of an actual XBLA completion competitor and as well as TA ratio. And I have my own dedication on playing hardcore game titles as well (especially with a few people who have completed a certain title(s)).

  • Omfamna

    Yes, this is the same girl listed in the article.

    Good luck knocking him off. We went at it for a few months trading #1, but he is very good. He has done quite a few things in some games that I won’t even bother trying.

    If you are serious, turn in your consoles, he is that dedicated to phone gaming and you will have to as well.

    For the mod:
    Could you please fix my gamertag in the top of the article, it is listed as OmfamnaUp. lol.

    • Saijo George

      oops my bad , have fixed it.

      Thanks for stopping by :) BTW would you be interested in such an interview with us ?

      • Omfamna

        Sure. The more publicity for the platform the better.

    • Milly

      you go girl .. girl power LOL

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  • DirtyHarry

    wake up thumb you got work to do

  • Jacob

    God how do you unlock all those achievements . I just get 3-4 from each game and then I am off to the next game next week. It looks like you have a lot of free time on your hands.

  • I am In

    be worried I am kicking you off the top and claiming the throne for myself.

    • TheUnbeatable

      Not if I do it first

      • I am In

        the same applies for you then . I have tiger blood and I am WINNING !!!!

  • The nemesis

    Hats off to you bro. That is some commitment to unlocking achievements.