TapSplosion : not your typical survival shooter game [ review ]




TapSplosion is a survival shooter for Windows Phone 7. The game has online leader boards and uses the accelerometer to control your spaceship. Today we take a look at what the gamer offers .

TapSplosion has got a simple menu .. options, play and leaderboard. It offers 3 settings via the options menu music, SFX volume and tilt sensitivity. The leaderboards are split in to daily, weekly and alltime. When you launch the game you are presented with the option to pick either the angled or flat configuration for the accelerometer. I prefer the angled layout and it works well for me but having an option to calibrate the accelerometer just in case you need to tune the accelerometer control to perfection could be something that can be added in future version.

There is a short tutorial that will run you through the basics of the gameplay and the various powerups that are available in the game. You can skip this if you are familiar with the gameplay. You control what looks like your spaceship using the accelerometer and have to avoid all other units who will materialize out of thin air at random position on the screen, you have to avoid running in to any of these, if you do its game over. Your only defense is the ability to place a shock wave that will destroy any enemy unit within the blast radius. You will need to wait for the weapon to recharge before you can place another shockwave so you will need to place the shockwave carefully so that you can plan your escape route if multiple enemies converge on you.

You also get 5 powerups

  • Gravity Vortex – creates a Gravity Vortex that pulls in all the enemies that comes near it, it is instantly activated when you touch it
  • Invincibility – this makes you Invincibility for a short while
  • Better Shockwaves – this powerup allows you to deploy more powerful ( larger radius ) shockwaves for a limited time
  • Super Shockwave – delivers a single very powerful shockwaves that wipes out almost 3/4th of the screen of all enemies
  • Faster Recharge – with this your recharge takes less time

As time goes by you will notice that some portals will randomly appear and things speed us as well making it all the more difficult. The game gives you points based on combo kills, so the more enemies you kill with a single shockwave the more you earn and the ability to get your name on the global leader board will keep you coming back to this game.

To sum it up TapSplosion is a really good game for Windows Phone 7 and I am quite impressed with the initial version which offers great controls, nice visual and sound effects. The gameplay is simple and anyone can pick up and start having a lot of fun with it. TapSplosion gets a well deserved two thumbs up from me and I cant wait to see what the game offers in the upcoming versions :)

TapSplosion Gameplay Video

TapSplosion Screenshots

Version Under Review :

Website : Dave Leverton

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $1.29, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $1.29
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