Super Monkey Ball 2 : Sakura Edition for Windows Phone [ Quick Look ]

Super Monkey Ball 1

Super Monkey Ball 1

Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball One was kinda lame and Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is certainly an improvement over that. The idea is still the same you are in control of a monkey in a ball and you have to navigate the hazardous course to reach the portal at the other end. There are 4 characters to choose from Aiai, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon , I don’t they they offer any difference other than the fact you see the character you choose on screen in the game ,which was let down. When the game comes from someone like SEGA you expect more and its an xbox live game so user expectations are usually high.

There is some nice selection of levels , 125 of them if the developer description is to be believed split up in to 6 worlds. Each world having 20 levels split up in to set 1 and set 2 each with 10 stages. The game also offers some bonus stages and mini games

  • Monkey Target: Guide your monkey to the bull’s-eye, launch into the sky and grab as many bananas as you can.
  • Monkey Golf: Monkeys play golf .. who knew? Grab your clubs and tee off with 18 holes of banana bliss.
  • Monkey Bowl: One of the original mini games returns for ten frames of monkey ten-pin bowling madness!

One major issue you will find yourself in is that you need to complete 10 stages in a row before the game saves it. If you put the game in the background you can resume from where you left off.. but come on .. 10 stages before it get saved !!! what were they thinking ? The control makes use of the accelerometer and it is an improvement from version one ( which I recall was terrible ) but will still require some getting used to.

One good think you will notice is that you can save game replays , so when you make an awesome run through a level , you can save it and show it to your mates for bragging rights. This is no Call of Duty but an option to upload that clip to youtube is certainly welcome.

Like I mentioned before the aim is to get from the start to finish within the given time and with out falling off the edge, and there are bananas ( it’s a game about monkeys , don’t tell me you were not expecting to see bananas ). But they have no part to play in completing the levels , you can run from start to finish without getting any bananas and you can still complete the level but you wont get a crown nor the bonus life for picking up all bananas.

I would recommend giving the trial a shot and see if you can get used to the controls before purchasing this game. Let us know what you guys think via the comments below.

Super Monkey Ball 2 xBox Live Achievements

  • Jumble Jungle Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Jumble Jungle.
  • Pirates Ocean Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Pirates Ocean.
  • Sinking Swamps Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Sinking Swamps.
  • Cobalt Caverns Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Cobalt Caverns.
  • Ultra Heaven Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Ultra Heaven.
  • Far East Champion (5 points): Complete all levels in Far East.
  • Fore! (5 points): Complete a full 18 course round of Monkey Golf.
  • Strike! (5 points): Complete a game of Monkey Bowling.
  • Bullseye! (10 points): Complete a game of Monkey Target.
  • Target Champion (20 points): Complete a game of 4 player Monkey Target.
  • Lucky Number (25 points): Finish a level with an end time of .07 seconds.
  • Monkey Prince (30 points): Obtain 10 crowns.
  • Monkey King (50 points): Unlock all 10 crown levels.
  • Stock up on Potassium (25 points): Collect bananas to earn a stock of 15 lives.

Super Monkey Ball 2 Gameplay Video

Super Monkey Ball 2 Screenshots

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $2.99
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