SteamBirds : a turn based aerial shooter for windows phone

SteamBirds Windows Phone

SteamBirds Windows Phone

SteamBirds Windows Phone

Who ever thought that a turn-by-turn based flying game with a WW2 style theme could be so amazing? This is the stuff Angry Birds is made of. Truly playable, re-playable and enjoying every moment of it. Now I know that Angry Birds has had its time in the light but you all get what I was going for right? My point is that Steam Birds from the time that you begin to play it is a delight from when you’re playing it on a crowded but to when you’re staying up late like you used to with your old Nintendo trying to beat Mario Brothers 3 for the first time without a warp whistle.

This game truly is a delight and for once I’m going to start with the music and sound effects. Many developers I think forget how important sounds and music can be and with Steam Birds they hit the nail right on the head. The music in this game truly pulls you into the WW2 experience. This is one of the few games on the market that you don’t just mute the phone while playing. It’s truly enjoyable.

The basis of the game is as stated above, a turn-by-turn based World War 2 based dog-fighting game. Like a much more exciting game of chess, because game involves a fight against evil, planes and guns, you definitely have to have a strategy when trying to take down your rivals. Planning a few moves ahead is a must and utilizing every weapon in your utility is even more important.

There are two types of offensive weapons available in this game that are given in every level. Starting with a basic machine gun and up to a poison gas which not only deals damage to your opponents but disables their weapons as well. Defensively there are a couple of things in your arsenal. A double speed/distance icon is highly useful in trying to out-maneuver and out run your enemies. There is also a 180 degree turn ability and once in a while a 360 icon is there to help you out as well.

I think it’s been made abundantly clear that this game truly is amazing. It makes sense that it’s such a huge hit on other platforms and now we have it available on our trusty WP7′s. Rankings keep this game alive as well as great graphics, sound and style. Check it out in the market. You won’t be sad that you did.

SteamBirds Gameplay Video

SteamBirds Screenshots

Website : FlatRedBall and SteamBirds

Version Under Review : 1.0

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $1.99, Trial is limited to 4 missions (no bonus missions) and no local multi-player.

Our Rating for SteamBirds


Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $1.99
Marketplace Download   OR Code
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  • Ariana Roxanna

    This game works a treat! This blog really points out all the awesome games that I would probably never manage to find in the maketplace, its not the funnest thing to browse… looking forward to the revamped one!

  • Pansoft Development

    Played the demo while on vacation : this game definitely rocks! Kudos to all the ones that worked on that.

  • Catalin Zima

    The Flash version was great. I’ve been waiting for this one to come to WP7. But I’ll have to wait as it’s not available on the Marketplace here yet.

  • Sam Sabri

    Hey Saijo thanks for the post. Never knew of this little gem, downloading right now!

    • Saijo George

      Not a problem mate :) , plz do let us know what you think about it .. I will have to get Jace to take it for a spin ( its not available in Australia :( )