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Square Off a game that xBox users have enjoyed ( as an Xbox Indie Games ) for some time now and now it comes to Windows Phone 7 , check out our review to see what the new Windows Phone 7 version offers to us gamers. At heart Square Off is a survival shooter and using the dual stick approach that works well on mobile devices the game has some great features that makes it an interesting title. Check out our impression about the game in the review below.

Disclosure : We were sent the copy of the game before it went live on the marketplace and we have used this copy in the review below.

Dual stick shooters have become quite popular on mobile devices since the capacitive multi-touch screens became a standard feature on smartphones, shooters have dominated this control mechanism on other platforms and it looks like Windows Phone is going to be no different. Square Off by Gnomic Studios unlike many other games offers a story line ( its not much but there is a story in there which includes Aliens and Mad Scientists so it has to be good right ? ) which you can access any time from the Stats and Help section. The game tracks quite a lot of stats and offers a ( local ) leaderboard as well.

The game offers some nice options you have the ability to choose how the controller work from fixed, floating and free floating ( which worked best for me ). When you launch the game you can play the interactive tutorial level which should guide you through all the controls used in the game. Then there are 7 levels for you to play through. In each stage you start off with a pistol and bombs and unlock various new weapons when you kills the mini boss or blow up crates. There are 5 weapons in total including a multi-shot gun, shotguns and rocket launchers. Each gun has its own special sound and each has an advantage in various situation. eg: when there are a lot of enemies, fly up and drop a bomb and all of them move towards it and you get a good kill combo, with the boss its best to use the launchers and take em out as quick as possible, etc. In each stage once you kill the boss in level 5 the next stage is unlocked , you can continue playing that stage or go to the newly unlocked one. The stages are quite different too it ranges from jungle, caves to alien spaceships.

The graphics are quite good in this game. You will also notice that the small details like facial expressions when you shoot and take damage , the smoke effects from the jetpack, etc makes this game stand out from the other games on the platform. It’s the kind of game that you would expect from the xBox Live game section but this game is not one.

So to sum it up if you are in to shooters on mobile devices you will like this, the graphics, audio and overall presentation are quite good. The game comes with a premium price tag of $2.99 which could be the only thing that could make users second guess about the game but there is a free trial so you can try and decide for yourself if its worth the purchase.

Square Off Gameplay Video

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Version Under Review :

Website : gnomic studios

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

The version on the marketplace has the following changes from the version we reviewed

- Brief lag when firing: I’ve made the pea-shooter/3-shot shoot instantly now, and significantly reduced the delay for the shotgun. The shotgun needed some delay to give you a chance to aim your initial shot, as there’s a fair amount of time between shots for that weapon

– Difficulty on Ship level: Our tester thought that build r270 was too easy so I’ve tweaked this again. There aliens spawn slightly more slowly that originally and you are required to kill less. There are also a greater proportion of the guys that can sometimes drop power-ups, giving you a better chance to keep your special weapons up. If you go aggressively for the ships to collect weapons, you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching the boss now.

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Price : $2.99
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