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Space Tube is an accelerometer tunnel racing game for Windows Phone that puts you zooming down a tunnel, dodging colorful cubes and picking various powerups in your path to clear each level. Before we continue lets address the elephant in the room , the game Space Tube is heavily inspired by Boost 3D available on the iPhone. Personally I dont have any issues with that but thought that is worth mentioning. Read on to check out what we think about this game.

Space Tube is a tunnel /tube racer where you use the accelerometer on your device to steer the vehicle left or right to avoid the multicolored cubes that will come streaking past you as you push forward through the 27 levels or the never ending infinite mode ( as long as you dont empty up your life meter ). The game offers the user a lot of control via the settings from inverted controls, accelerometer sensitivity, audio and video settings and more. You will also notice that the help and tutorial section will run you through all the thing you need to know. If you are comfortable with accelerometer controls in a game then this is one of that games that you can jump in to straight away as the is a very low learning curve to it.

The game also offers users the ability to unlock various trophies , though they are not xbox live achievements , its always nice to have unlock-able items that reward the players for investing time in a game. The game has this nice techno beat to it , its always good to find a game with nice music. The presentation is really nice with white , black and a bunch of bright neon effect the levels really stand out.

In arcade mode you beat each level by traveling certain distance or collecting certain amount of combo score. In the infinite mode you try to make it as far as possible by accumulating combo scores as go. The track and obstacles change along the way, not just in color but in shapes and arrangement pattern but after a while you will notice that it’s kinda repetitive but not to a point that it gets annoying. The initial levels as a beginner starts out with normal speed and its easier to pick up visual indicators about incoming obstacles but as you progress the levels turn black and even randomly change colors and yes they do speed up as well and everything becoes a blur , so you will need to have quick reflexes to run the course in the professional levels , I haven’t made it to the expert levels so I cant say what to expect in there.

So to sum it up as a racing game for WP7 it does well. The visual and audio presentation is nice ( in my opinion , YMMV. Think of it this way if you liked the visual effects in TRON with the neon lights n all then you might probably like this ). The accelerometer are quite responsive and its a nice game that you can have fun with.

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There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $1.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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