Solitaire : free Solitaire game for Windows Phone 7 [ Review ]

Solitaire WP7

Solitaire WP7

Solitaire WP7

Solitaire would require no special introduction to anyone but if you do go check it up on Wikipedia or something. Its a card game that is known to have killed so many productive hours around offices world wide. I believe it was not until Microsoft included Solitaire in Windows PC as a free card game that it became so popular. We’ve all come to know Solitaire as a game we can play for free on the computer and now it’s available on Windows Phone 7 too .. as a FREE game, not by Microsoft this time around but by Jake Poznanski.

Solitaire for Windows Phone 7 is nice looking game , the visuals are quite nice for a card game. Solitaire delivers 2 difficulty as seen in the PC solitaire, including the easy (draw one card at a time) and hard (draw three card at a time), the game also offers some basic sound effects when moving the cards around. The controls are quite intuitive there are 2 main ways in which you can move the cards drag/drop or click and move the card to desired location. If you are stuck you can use the inbuilt hint by double tapping a card and if a move is available for the card it will automatically perform that. The game offers 3 scoring methods Standard / Vegas / No Score modes , you can choose any one from the settings page. Local stats are also displayed on the main menu which informs you the number of games played , the games won, win ratio , etc. One other nice feature is the ability to undo your moves which allows you to correct your mistakes.

To sum it up a great Solitaire game but only offers the Klondike version of Solitaire ( which is what most people are used to ) and if you are a fan of the game you will enjoy the game. The only minor issue I had was the fact once the Tableau is stacked with a few cards you have to scroll down to see the cards towards the lower end of the stack.

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Developer : Jake Poznanski

Solitaire is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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