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Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone 7 has enjoyed a nice little success and there were a few clones for this game on the marketplace. we have see Flying Heads which tries to bring the same gameplay on WP7 and now Cheese Zombie Games has released a nice little free game called Slice and Throw which adds a new level of gameplay to this genre. Along with the slicing action with your finger, Slice and Throw requires you to throw shuriken by touching the screen. Check out our impression in the review below.

The devs added this awesome little game in our forum today and I was quite happy with the game after I tried it so I had to share it with you guys. When you launch Slice and Throw you have a few basic options you can play around with, the game also has an online leaderboard which is always a good thing to have :)

The game has this nice music that loops around in the background , the gameplay is quite simple to figure out you have to slice the golden and green scrolls that are tossed up and hit the various targets that move around in the background. Avoid the red ones coz each time you slice or hit one of those you lose a life. The same happens if you dont slice up a green or gold scroll. The difficult increases as the levels go up which should keep things quite challenging.

There are a few issues with the game for eg : at times the scroll goes up and falls to the left / right and goes out of the screen which can be a tag annoying. There is no multi-touch so you cant slice multiple objects at once, which is not a biggie , but is a cool feature to have :). Over all its a fun little game that can be enjoyed by anyone and best of all its free.

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Website : : Cheese Zombie Games, Twitter : @CZGames

Slice and Throw is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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