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We know zombies love Windows Phone 7 but hey where are the Ninja and Pirates games on WP7 ? Sadly not many games have made it on to the marketplace with ninjas in them. But recently a Ninja has infiltrated his ( or her ) way on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and comes in the form of a free game called Shuriken Ninja. As the name suggest you are a Ninja armed with Shuriken ( the awesome ninja projectile weapons ). So how good is little Shinobi ? check out the review to find out.

This is another one of that game that does not throw a lot of options / settings your way. You can disable sounds and check out the about page or jump right in to the game. Once you launch the game you are presented with the level selector screen , there are 42 levels in this initial version. Once you complete a level the next one is unlocked. It looks like this particular ninja is still in training coz he is always in a room trying to hit various targets using his shurikens.

In each round you have 5 shurikens and there are various targets that you have to hit. these Targets come in various size and some of them will be constantly on the move so you have to time your throw and angle perfectly to hit a few of them. The initial rounds are fairly easy but it does get hard in the later ones. You will also find that the walls and obstacles are either made of wood or metal. You shurikens will get stuck in wood but you can bounce them off metal surface ( including another shuriken ) to take out multiple target in a single throw.

There is no background music but it does have some nice sound fx and the graphics are nice. In each round the game shows a message on the top part of the screen but almost immediately an ad will load up in this space and cover that message which was frustrating. I can understand the need for ads , but when it comes in the way of the game that can be annoying. Plz note that the actual gameplay does not get effected by the ads , its just the message on top that is covered. Having an ad free version for users might be a good idea :).

Now on to the real fun part , the developer has offered a level editor for this game ( click to launch, should work on firefox and ie ) You can launch a browser app and create your level and send it to the developer , who might include it it future version. Now this is great feature, not a lot of games offer a level editor on windows phone 7 ( click to check out a few we have come across ), so its great to see this. Overall its a great free game and I hope to see more levels added to it over time.

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Background : yoritsuki

Website : Clockwork Computing, Twitter : @mnewps

Shuriken Ninja is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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  • ClockworkComp

    Hi, I’m one of the developers for Shuriken Ninja. Awesome review! We’ll definitely take all the suggestions offered to heart. We know there’s room to improve and we’ll continue to support the app. The message under the ad was meant to be a fun theing to see if either the ad doesn’t load or in between ad’s loading. We are also puzzled by the issue with level 2. It seems like even though a phone that is the same model it’s resolution is somehow different or something and it’s displaying the target off screen. We might just have to move targets near that edge towards the center… a frustrating bug that we cannot recreate.
    In any case, thank you very much for the kind review! Check out Ultra Fill for another physics game that we think is pretty good.

    • Saijo George

      Hey , its nice to see you guys here .. Level 2 seems to work fine for me .. I have uploaded an image here it seems to work fine on the Omnia 7

    • Anonymous

      You guys have done a great job with this game.  I honestly think its more addictive than angry birds.  I do ask however that you make the menus more fluid and move the ads to the bottom (to many accidental touches).   

      Also, are you guys working on an Android version?  

  • Olivier Richard

    This game doesn’t work on my LG – and it seems to be the case for a lot of other players… That’s a bad thing, because now it gets an average of 1/5 stars…

    • Saijo George

      that is odd, i saw a few comments about issues with Omnia 7, but it ran perfectly on my Omnia 7 . May be Cris can check if it runs on the Optius 7 from LG

      • Ego_x_

        It doesnt work (only first level) on my Omnia7 too…:S

        • Saijo George

          thats odd coz it works great on my Omnia ( running NoDo, dev unlocked )