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Shikaku Puzzle is a puzzle game for Windows Phone 7 that brings the number game Shikaku to the palm of your hand. Shikaku is a puzzle game that I was not familiar with but is quite easy to get in to and can certainly be fun for puzzle lovers. Check out our review below.

The game works on a few simple rules : you have to divide the grid into squares and rectangles such that each piece contains exactly one number, and that number represents the number of smaller squares in those pieces. Trust me it is much more simple than it sounds.

Shikaku has an how to play section which will get the player up to speed on the gameplay involved in Shikaku and how to play Shikaku Puzzle on Windows Phone 7. There are 3 modes of game available to the user. First up there are the puzzle packs, in this mode there are 4 levels of difficulty each difficulty introduces a larger board for the game. The available board size are classified in to 5×5, 7×7, 10×10 and 12×12. Each of this difficulty has 25 games and you are free to pick any game. In all of the game modes you are racing against the time to complete the puzzle. Then you have the random puzzle mode where you are thrown in to a random game based on the difficulty you choose and you have the ability to share this game with a friend via email. Each of the game in the random mode has a unique code and this code along with your time to complete the puzzle is sent via email to your friend. The third mode is puzzle mode this is the mode you launch if you want to open up a puzzle using the code sent to you.

Shikaku is a simple puzzle game that anyone can get in to without learning a lot of new rules and the ability to challenge friends via a simple but effective ( for this game ) way is a nice value added feature to the game , it will also adjust itself to your theme color and all this for $0.00 is quite a good offer to say no to.

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Shikaku Puzzle is a FREE number puzzle game for Windows Phone 7

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