Rise of Glory : a WWI air combat game for WP7 [ review ]

Rise Of Glory

Rise Of Glory

Rise Of Glory

What ho, chaps! Man your planes, wheels up in 20! There’s enemy fighters’ heading our way! Chocks away! Pip-pip!

Rise of Glory is a brilliant little air combat game flight simulator for WP7 which involves going on daring missions; shooting down enemy planes, taking photos of enemy bases, shooting down enemy planes, dropping supplies & shooting more enemy planes! The controls are fantastic – using a combination of your device’s accelerometer for general steering & a variety of on-screen buttons for other controls including increasing & decreasing speed, shooting & changing camera angles.

One feature I’m very happy with is the ability to re-calibrate the accelerometer whenever you want from the pause menu. It means your plane won’t start doing loop-the-loop if you decide you would rather play lying in bed.

The graphics look quite nice too, with a nice selection of planes to fly in (which do visually accumulate damage as you get hit) & a nice selection of vast 3D environments to fly around. It’s exciting having bullets whizzing past you or creating bullet holes on your screen when you get hit, but you have to be careful firing at people heading straight at you so you don’t collide once they have burst into flames!

Alongside the 12 missions you can complete in the campaign mode (each of which has a different task to complete), you can create custom games. These custom games can be whatever you want.
You have the choice of any map you have completed in the campaign, which goes the same for the planes you can fly. You can also change the type of game it is; free for all, team death-match, defend the base or capture the flag.

Being an Xbox Live game, you do of course get achievements to work though, most of which involve shooting a certain number of people down, plus there are online leader boards for various aspects of the game.

Just in case you can’t tell, I’ve enjoyed this game thoroughly & would suggest you try it out. Being an XBL game, it has a free trial, so check that out first if you’re unsure. This is the sort of game that would be perfect for several people to play against each other on – I’d love a multiplayer mode to appear once WP7 supports it.

Rise of Glory Gameplay Video

Rise of Glory Screenshots

Rise of Glory WP7 xBox Live Achievements

10 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 10 enemy kills during gametime.
100 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 100 enemy kills during gametime.
1000 kills (10 points): Accumulate 1000 enemy kills during gametime.
10000 kills (10 points): Accumulate 10000 enemy kills during gametime.
200 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 200 enemy kills during gametime.
25 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 25 enemy kills during gametime.
300 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 300 enemy kills during gametime.
50 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 50 enemy kills during gametime.
500 kills (10 points): Accumulate 500 enemy kills during gametime.
5000 Kills (10 points): Accumulate 5000 enemy kills during gametime.
Ace (10 points): Kill 10 enemies without getting killed.
Clean match (10 points): Destroy the enemy base while your base did not get any damage.
Flawless (10 points): Win a Free For All game with over 10 frags limit without being killed.
Flawless CTF (10 points): Win a 5 points CTF match without loosing your flag..
Frenzy shooter (10 points): Frag 10 enemies in less then 2 minutes.
Instructor (10 points): Kill 7 enemies without getting killed.
Rookie (10 points): Kill 3 enemies without getting killed.
Three in a row (10 points): Capture the enemy flag three times in a row without being killed.
Top Ace (10 points): Kill 15 enemies without getting killed.
Wingman (10 points): Kill 5 enemies without getting killed.

Version under review:

Developer: Revo Solutions , Twitter : @RevoSolutions

Published by : Microsoft Game Studios

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Rise of Glory costs $2.99 & has a demo which has a limited number of missions available to play.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $2.99
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