Redd : Is that Indiana Jones on Windows Phone 7 [ Review ]

Redd 1

Redd 1


We came across Redd a few days back and we our first impression was hey he looks a lot like a professor of archaeology that we know ;). In a 2-D word Redd is Indiana Jones without the bullwhip. In the game you are thrown in to a dark room and you have to navigate to the exit collecting the treasures within each room and in each room there are multiple number of death traps between you and the exit.

When you launch the game there is an animation that looks quite nice but after a couple of time you feel like you want to skip it but unfortunately its not possible, then you are in the main menu from where you can launch a new game or continue a saved game. The game offers a local leader-board and a simple tutorial that run you through the gameplay. In expedition there are 3 levels available and you have access to play a whole expedition ” Path of Gold ” in the trial version.

In the game you get thrown in to a room that is split in to 17×9 squares. Multiple number of these squares are having gold coins and some will have a blood jewel that keeps shifting its position and to prevent outsiders from ever stealing the treasures hidden within the chamber the architects of the maze have built in some death traps. The good thing about these traps are that they come in a specific pattern and you know these pattern so you have a good chance to make it out of there in one piece. In the game each coin acts as a check point and each move you make has to end by reaching a gold coin. The levels are completely dark and the only lighting in the game is the touch that Redd has in his arm, this throws just enough light to show the squares immediately surrounding Redd. Redd is a trial and die game and once you die you try and figure out the location of other trap from the given pattern, one recommendation I have here is a button that shown you the pattern of the traps that can be called while playing a game..

The five traps available within the game are

  1. Pitfall
  2. Arrow
  3. Flame Pit
  4. Falling Rocks
  5. Floor Spikes
Redd Traps

Redd Traps

• Follow the Blood Ruby’s path; they do not go over traps.
• No two traps can be adjacent to each other.
• Memorize the trap patterns in the menu, “How to Play”.
• Keep an eye out for the hidden treasure chest in each level.
• Try to always get the Expedition Token on the last level.

Misc. Bonuses
• Treasure Bonus: Gathering all of the treasure within a level (including the hidden chest) will give you bonus points.
• Trap Bonus: Dodging all traps within a level will give you bonus points.
• End Expedition Bonus: A performance bonus is given based on lives and total treasure collected at the end of an expedition.

To conclude I think for $0.99 this game is a great puzzle strategy game on windows phone 7. The demo offers you the first expedition that should give you an idea of what to expect in the full game.

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Version Under Review :

Developer : Blazing Forge Games; Twitter : @BlazingForge ; Redd’s Site

Trial version is available and you can get the full version for $0.99 . the trial will only allows you to play through the first Expedition “Path of Gold”. The full version has 3 expedition with a total of 45 Randomized levels.

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