Praetor : a great start for an epic Turn Based Strategy RPG on WP7

Praetor WP7

Praetor WP7

Praetor WP7

If you love Turn Based Strategy and RPG then this new game from Random Software is definitely worth you attention. Set during the Roman era , your mission is to get new land and resources for your emperor, in the only way you know possible … by conquest. Check out our review to see why I fell in love with the game ..

The game offer the user various settings and you have to choice to play as 4 different class :
Warrior – your units have stronger attack
Sorcerer - you get extra energy every turn
Conqueror – your units have better defense
Leader - your units can move faster

You can play multiple campaign at once which is great coz each of the different class will require you to play in a different way to win each battle. The 3 difficulty should give users a good challenge too. Beginner should be fairly easy to progress through but the other 2 should pose some good challenge.

You start off the game with a Shipwreck close an island, the game offers you a choice and based on the choice you make the outcome is a bit different ( you are thrown a few more of these down the track , some tend to generate the same result ) . Like in any Turn Based Strategy you start off with limited resources and less powerful units but you unlock a lot of new powers and can summon more units as you progress through the 25 creatures in your path. You acquire a few , others you will have to buy from the local markets. The game revolves around 2 maps : a small mini-map in which the fog-of-war clears as you defeat each enemy and the hex-grid battle map which any TBS war games usually have.

Praetor is a Turn Based Strategy ( emphasis on Strategy ) : the units, enchantment you carry in to battle ( along with how you play ) will play a large role in the outcome of each battle. For instance some units you command might not be so strong as individual units but if you put a few of them together they can rip-apart anything the AI throws against them. Another good example is when you face the dragon if you go in to battle with out the Entangle ability you are a dead man, its quite impossible to kill them with out the Entangle ability. That brings us to a little missing feature in the game there is no way to retreat once you are in a battle. Most of the time you go in to battle learn a bit about what you are up against, die, go back and change your loadout , then go back in to battle and hopefully win.

Some other little annoying things you might notice is that the tutorial loads each time you start a new game, I hope the update gives us an option to disable this. One other thing is that you dont always get access to all the items in your loadout, random items pop up to the right of the screen and you have to use one of them, though this provides a bit more challenge you will have one of that moment where you will think .. ” only if i could have called “x” durring that time, I could have won that battle”.

If you are good with Turn Based Strategy you will get through the game quite easily ( in beginner difficulty , I did it using the Sorcerer class ) and will wonder that is it ? Fortunately the dev have future plans. He informs us he is working on the next set of 25 opponents, which will appear as a free upgrade allowing your adventures to continue where you left off. ( which will be using Water Energy .. Air and Fire will also come in the future ). Currently I feel this game is good and I do hope he has plans to add multiplayer to this game which will make this a must have game for RPG and TBS game fans.

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Background : here

Website : Random Software, Strategy Guide : here. You can also discuss the game in our Forum, if there is enough demand for it we could add some video guides in there.

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99, the trial lets you tackle 7 enemy which according to the dev should easily give you half an hour of immersive play time.

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