Plex : is a 3D puzzle game that you don’t come across every day

Plex Windows Phone

Plex Windows Phone

Plex Windows Phone

If you’re the type of person that bounces between obsessions with Rubik’s Cubes and Hexic then I’m pretty sure I have the perfect game for you. Plex feels like a combination of the two. Rotating block and 3D Spheres are really just the tip of the iceberg with this game.

Plex is a 3d space puzzle game. Tiles are placed on a 3D sphere and it is your job to reveal all of the sphere and rid it of all the tiles. It’s accomplished by placing the next tile you have on top of others. You are given the next tile you are to play, not unlike Tetris. Matching the tiles destroys them, not to mention any similar tiles that are around them, combos are your friend. The other tool you have on your tile dominating conquest is a rotation feature. Very similar to the game Hexic, (if you haven’t had the opportunity to play, I highly recommend it), you can rotate the tiles in a hexagon pattern in order to make your moves more effective.

Plex offers two different gaming styles. Adventure and Survival. Adventure mode is similar to pretty much any other game that has an adventure. You start with the first level which is easy and as you progress through the levels they get more difficult. Survival mode is again pretty much just as it sounds, you try to clear the sphere while progressively more tiles are stacked on the sphere at an increasing rate.

Plex is really a great game. I feel like the full version is definitely worth it. It enables all of the levels of the game and survival mode. The only negative I feel like I could find was that the motion of the sphere wasn’t as fluid as it could’ve been. There are times that I put a tile in the wrong place, sometimes it’s my fault, but other times I feel like if the motion was just ever so slightly smoother those mistakes would be kept to a minimum and only be my own fault. This could easily be remedied with an update, or possibly a new WP7 device with a faster core. I’ll have to try it on my buddies Radar and let you know. Until then, make sure you check out Plex.

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Version Under Review : 1.4

There is a paid and Free version available. The paid version has a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99, we are not sure what the limitations of the trial version are.

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Price : $0.99
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