Penguin blast : a game without exploding barrels ?

Penguin Blast Windows Phone

Penguin Blast Windows Phone

Penguin Blast Windows Phone

Penguin blast is a game that I really didn’t plan on feeling nostalgic playing. Boy, was I wrong. I can sum up all of my feeling of nostalgia in 2 words. Donkey Kong. If the developer wasn’t inspired by the SNES game I dont know who is.

The specific part of Donkey Kong I am talking about is levels based on shooting out of barrels. That is penguin blast simply stated. The player progresses the character through levels by touching the screen and timing correctly when the penguin needs to shoot out of the barrel to progress to the next barrel.

There are obstacles that can hamper progress. Poisonous barrels are just one of the many perils the player can encounter on their way.

I do however have a feeling of letdown with this game. The only problem I have is with speed. I can’t help but feel the game would be executed better if the animation were smoother and the barrels were sped up. Often times I found myself annoyed if I missed the time I wanted to shoot and a barrel would have to complete another rotation.

However everything else about this game is great and hope the developer could easily hasten the pace of this game. Until then, cross your fingers that you’ll see an update for this game very soon so it can be one of those titles you can’t live without.

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Version Under Review : 1.3

Penguin Blast is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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