Paper Dash : a paperboy clone for Windows Phone

PaperBoy Windows Phone

PaperBoy Windows Phone

PaperBoy Windows Phone

There seems to be a theme going on recently where I review a game that takes us back to old classics. Last week it was Penguin Blast which took us back to the days of Donkey Kong. This week I’m looking even further back in the gaming console timeline to Paper Dash, a remake of the NES classic Paperboy. So logic assumes that next week I’ll be reviewing something along the lines of Galaga. But I’m cool with it.

So Paper Dash, classic style, good graphics, decent music. It has all the makings of a winner. And I think that it is. So since there are many of you out there that have only known video games since vibrating controllers and 3D graphics, I’ll break it down for you. Boy gets in bike crash, destroys car and has to pay for damages. To pay for the damages the boy has to take on a paper route. You are playing his paper route.

The object is simple deliver the papers and collect cans and you earn money. You have 3 levels to get through each paper route and an arsenal of papers to arm yourself against dogs, cats, traffic cones, or in the case of ‘Run-Down Town’, weird bearded homeless guy that has a strangely feminine lisp quality in his voice. But it’s those little things that make this game enjoyable.

Music is decent in this game, controls are effective and it truly does justice to the old NES Paperboy I remember oh so well from my youth. Highly recommend checking it out in the Marketplace.

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