Pandas vs Ninjas : they may not be birds, but they certainly are angry!

Pandas vs Ninjas

Pandas vs Ninjas

Pandas vs Ninjas

An Angry Birds knock-off. No need to beat around the bush, as that’s exactly what this is. But then, Angry Birds was hardly the first launch-the-thingy-to-destroy-the-structures game, so I suppose it’s only fair that it get as many, um, ‘homages’ as it’s received. And, of course, as Angry Birds isn’t available for Windows Phone 7 yet, there’s a demand to be met here. As such, I’ll try to ignore the similarities, and judge Pandas vs Ninjas on its own merits.

To start, a brief plot synopsis: you panda. They ninjas. Panda must kill ninjas. So it goes.

In order to kill these ninjas, you must throw smaller, somewhat suicidal pandas at them – or, more appropriately, at the structures they hide in, behind, on and under. By aiming your pandas well you can cause these structures to collapse, hopefully taking out nearby ninjas as they go.

And that’s pretty much it! Only, the game’s a lot harder than that makes it sound, particularly if you’re after high scores. For one thing, judging the correct angle and force for your panda-launch is actually quite difficult. And that’s assuming you’re able to work out where best to aim for maximum damage, which isn’t always obvious.

This is compounded by more points being awarded for frugal use of your pandas, even as you earn points for causing extra structural damage in a level. So you want to be efficient in your murdering of ninjas, but you also want to maximise secondary, incidental damage. Quite the balancing act.

This challenge is carried over some one hundred and twenty-five levels, split across five landscapes (I’m loath to call them worlds, as they offer little more than a change of backdrop). Despite the impressive number, you can expect to complete the game in an hour or two at most; the real time-wasting comes afterwards, if you’re interested in score-chasing. Even so, with so many levels things could get tedious, but the developers have done a good job of keeping things varied.

As you progress, new structural materials are introduced, from fragile glass and durable metals to the entertainingly destructive rubberised material which will happily bounce around the screen, mincing ninjas and toppling structures. Then there are new pandas to enjoy, each with special abilities activated by tapping the screen while they’re in midair.

On top of this, the levels get more complex in layout, with cleverer solutions required as you progress. This is merged with some amusing layouts, depicting the ninjas in a variety of daft locations and ‘vehicles’ made of destructible materials.

There are points where the game relies a bit too heavily on luck; worse, there are times when the physics will ‘break’, and you’ll have ninjas surviving dramatic structural collapses and head-on collisions with high-velocity pandas, which can leave something of a sore taste in the mouth. But fortunately, these issues crop up rarely, and for the most part the game manages to be engaging and polished.

And this certainly extends to the game’s production values: this is an extremely pretty title, with the pandas and ninjas all endearingly cute – which somehow makes the wanton destruction even more entertaining. Unfortunately, the sound effects are extremely annoying, and the music little better, but this is easily rectified by turning off all sounds in the game, and sticking your own music on in the Zune player instead. Ahh, the benefits of a unified gaming and media solution!

With an ad-supported version of the game available on the Marketplace, you can kill all the time – and ninjas – you want for absolutely nothing, so what are you waiting for?

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Background : KungFu Panda 2 Wallpaper

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Website : XIMAD, Twitter : @XIMADAPPS

There is a free and paid version available and the full version is available for $0.99, the free version has ads, other than that there is no limitations.

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  • Alber Spencerz

    Famous free stuff with excellent graphics and gameplay)))

  • TheAchievementGuy

    Give us Angry Birds already 
    I want to get those achievements -_-

  • headsh0t_bill

    whats with the KunFu Panda reference, its Ninja not KungFu !!!!

  • headsh0t_bill

    whats with the KunFu Panda reference, its Ninja not KungFu !!!!

  • headsh0t_bill

    whats with the KunFu Panda reference, its Ninja not KungFu !!!!

  • Ted45

    best game on windows 7 phone , better than angry birds 

  • Jane M

    this is a cute game, will keep playing this till Angry Birds come to WP7 . Looking fwd to that review.