NextWar The Quest for Earth : if TRON had tower defense

NextWar The Quest for Earth Windows Phone

NextWar The Quest for Earth Windows Phone

NextWar The Quest for Earth Windows Phone

Tower defense gamers I may now be among you. For about as long as I can remember I’ve never really been a fan of tower defense games. But, I think Nextwar may have turned me. Great graphics, a unique style and upgradeable weapons make this game particularly enjoyable.

For those looking to get into tower defense style games this could very well be the game for you. For starters I was very impressed with the depth and progression comes with this game. Beyond just being a meaningless tower defense game there is a structured back story. Each level has its own unique story and layout. I particularly enjoy the layouts of each level being very unique from each other. Each level has its own vibe and challenge with its own difficulty.

Moving on, the graphics are astounding with a very unique style. With a type of Tron-ish vibe to them they were very visually pleasing not to mention that the music and sound effects are very pleasing as well. Many potentially amazing games are let down by sound effects and music that aren’t on the level that they should be. However, Nextwar does not disappoint.

One of the best parts of this game is the weaponry. It includes weapons that deal proximity damage, weapons that slow enemies down, straight up lasers and much, much more. Not to mention that almost all of the weapons are upgradeable (save the one that slows enemies down). Upgrades come in handy as the enemies in the game have different strengths and you definitely have weaknesses trying to keep your base protected. It’s definitely a good change of pace not just having new weapons to buy but having to have a strategy behind the weapons that you’ve deployed and utilized.

As far as game play goes how much different could a tower defense game really get right? Wrong. The game play progresses nicely, the levels develop well and the promise of new and upgraded weapons keeps the gamers interest intact. This game proves that tower defense games can be engaging, unique and very very addictive. Like I said before I haven’t been a tower defense aficionado but Nextwar is slowly but surely changing my mind.

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Website : Micron Game Studios, Twitter : @Sc4Freak

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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  • CrisRowlands

    This, along with PixelMan, is one of my 2 favorite ports from being xbox live indy games :D

  • CrisRowlands

    Fantastic game. I planned to review this, but I’ve been a tad busy for a while & you beat me to it :P that being said its a great review & i probably would have said pretty much the same thing, but written it terribly ;)

    Great tron-ish graphics, incredible attention to detail & made me start liking TowerDefence games :D

  • warcroft

    Ive had this game for a little while now. Was looking for a Tower Defence game and came across it.
    Excellent game! Very much worth your time!

  • Saijo George

    Now this is a game that should be accepted in to xBox Live. Its way better than some of the iclones they have as xBox Live .. 5 star well deserved.

    Great review Jace :)