Murphid : is what you get when you cross Tetris and Bejeweled

Murphid Windows Phone

Murphid Windows Phone

Murphid Windows Phone

There is many a Tetris takeaway available on the WP7 Marketplace right now. Not all of them are worth downloading but Murphid is definitely not one of those. Coming to WP7 Marketplace close to the time that Square Off came into the market it further proves that some of Xbox 360 games can be successfully ported to Windows Phone 7, and ported well.

As stated before Murphid has a distinct Tetris feel to it thrown in with a little bit of Bejeweled. The object of the game is to place pieces on the board to create groups of 3 or more of the same color. Consequently, the colors that were just matched up disappear and you get points for the blocks that you get rid of. The gameplay is easy and responsive but this game pulls lasting quality a couple of different ways. It’s not an Xbox Live title it still comes with a set of ‘awards’ as well as an online leaderboards, so that gives you something to shoot for.

Murphid also includes different power-ups that randomly generate themselves throughout the gameplay. In the help section of the game it does list a few of these different power-ups however most of them are left to self-discovery. Basically you try them out and see what they do, but most of them are pretty straight forward. One of the things that make this a lasting quality of the game is that there are some many of them. I have put a fair amount of play time into Murphid and just recently discovered a new power up that I haven’t seen before, so in that way the gameplay stays fresh.

The game also includes three different methods of play: Arcade, Survival and Campaign, each of which brings different things to the table. Survival is just as it sounds, some of it is based on points but also the clock as well, and you see how long you can last before your blocks reach the top as it grows not only from the pieces that you play but from the level expanding itself at intervals. Arcade is very similar to Survival mode with the exception being that in Arcade the piece that you are about to play slowly falls towards the bricks that are have already been played, similar to Tetris. While in Campaign mode the brick remains stationary at the top until it is played.

Murphid is an overall good game that has decent lasting value. The controls are easy, the screen is responsive and the awards provide with goals. The only thing that slightly bothered me, possibly blowback from being a huge fan of Tetris, is that you cannot rotate the blocks. The reason I say slightly is that the more I play the more I’m ok with it. This is a game that you have to think ahead on and placing your blocks does take a little bit of planning. It’s not that it’s bad it just takes some getting used to and it does provide a unique challenge. Isn’t that what a game is all about?

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Image : Screenshot from the xBox 360 version

Version Under Review :

Website : DecapodStudios , Twitter : @DecapodStudios ; Facebook, play it on the xBox 360 : here

There is a free and paid version available and the full version is available for $0.99, these are limitations in free version:

  • Arcade and Survival modes are disabled.
  • In Campaign mode only first 11 levels (out of 73) are accessible.
  • Achievements are not saved in free version.

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