MonsterUp : easily one of the best doodle jump inspired game [ Review ]

MonsterUP 005

MonsterUP 005


MonsterUp is yet another vertical jumper game for Windows Phone 7. I am sure many of you would have played something similar on Windows Phone 7. We have seen quite a few of these type of game on the site and MonsterUp is a similar game by Marios Karagiannis, but the game presents itself quite well with rich colorful graphics and nice background music and with the accelerometer controls. The game features 7 different platforms, 3 bonus items and 6 monsters with a never ending gameplay ( i think , will confirm it with dev and update it ) level this game is definitely worth checking out.

In MonsterUp you are in Trello Land and you want to try and go as high as possible using the various Monsters. When you start the game you just have access to Rhin-O and all the other 5 Monsters are locked. When you play the game you get stars and filling up the star meter will unlock new monsters. There is an in game tutorial that will run you through the various gameplay elements like power-ups and the different kind of platforms used in the game. The basic options like volume controls , tactile feedback controls, resent highscores are all present within the option menu. You can also select the difficulty settings from here. The tricky start mode puts you in the middle of the action, difficulty-wise while the easy start mode sets up the game to be relatively easy at first. Both modes get harder over time, and if you play for a while the easy start mode, you will eventually reach the difficulty level you have from the beginning in the tricky start mode.

MonsterUP platforms-powerups

MonsterUP platforms-powerups

The presentation of the game is really good. The background , characters and gameplay elements are all well designed, its all cute and colorful. The background music is well suited for this kind of game. You use the accelerometer to maneuver your monster and the gameplay was quite smooth on my Omnia 7. The aim of the game is to go as far as you can by using the platforms to jump and the power-ups to boost your along the way. If you go past your current high score you will see a small notification about this on the right-hand side. The game saves the game-state so if you jump out of the game you can use the back button to jump back in and continue the game.

MonsterUp Gameplay Video

Over all I was quite pleased with MonsterUp but I think there are a few things that can be improved with the game in possible future versions :

  1. There is no local or online leaderboard , I hope to see some sort of leaderboard in the future.
  2. Introduction of obstacles and enemies to make the game a bit more challenging.
  3. Give each Monster a unique ability that will increase the replay value of the game, at the moment each monster is just a new skin.

MonsterUp Screenshots

Version Under Review :

Developer :, Twitter : @marioskar

The version before this has issue when upgrading from Trail to Paid verion but all that is fix with the current version. The developers did tell us that we can expect more monsters and themes in the future updates. The trial version allows the player to play for a few minutes up to a point that no more platforms will be given to advance any further. A few seconds before reaching this point, the player is greeted with a “Thank you for playing the trial version” message.

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