Monster Stack : whereupon the user finds himself stacking monsters

Monster Stack Windows Phone

Monster Stack Windows Phone

Monster Stack Windows Phone

Monster Stack sounds odder than it is. Stacking monsters, it turns out, is rather like stacking simple shapes. In fact, it’s exactly like stacking simple shapes. The monsters come in five forms: squares, circles, vertical rectangles, horizontal rectangles (yes, those are different shapes. Don’t question my logic) and triangles. And, for some inexplicable reason, it is their heart’s most ardent desire that they should be placed about a screen without falling off the bottom. This, of course, is where you come in. Blessed with the power to place monsters where you will, you have the power to drop the monsters into play so that they stack, squash and support one another, using the limited fixed objects in the room to hold them.

At first, this means little more than stacking monsters upon platforms, but soon you’ll find yourself having to pivot monsters from pegs, use opposing forces to hold others in balance, and generally put a bit of effort into keeping your monsters elevated. And then it ends. Because Monster Stack, it turns out, is a momentary pleasure, a sliver of entertainment to occupy you between full sized games. The 25 levels will pass by in a flash, leaving you only with the promise of more to come in future, and a level editor to make your own fun in the meantime.

Ah yes, the level editor. This allows you to create levels to the exact same specification as those included, from the same bank of animate and inanimate objects, and potentially allows for limitless entertainment – but is severely limited by the inability to save or share levels. Had this been possible, the game could have easily been self-sustaining, but without it the level editor proves a short-lived distraction.

Even so, that brief period spent playing Monster Stack is an enjoyable one. The controls are simple and well thought out – choosing to display the monsters above your finger makes placing them with accuracy a doddle, solving the problem of touch controls easily. A simple, straightforward game of physics, it manages to be easy to understand, mildly challenging, easy on the eyes and ears, and actually quite the restive experience, perfect for de-stressing with. As a completely free game, it’s easy to recommend. Give it a go!

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Monster Stack is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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