Monkey Madness : accelerometer contolled platformer for WP7



Monkey MAdness WP7

Monkey Madness is a side scroller platformer for Windows Phone 7. Checkout the press release below

Do you have spatial awareness and fast reactions? Plan forward and help your monkey to pass dangerous parcours. Collect useful bonus items, jump and run and find the way through different landscapes. But be aware of evil monsters chasing you. Challange the online ladder, receive awards and make use of the accelerometer sensor.

The game has online leaderboard and unlock able awards. It’s possible to avoid falling down a hole when you jump right before it reaches you. You receive more points at higher difficulties, however the rate of bonus items appearing is lower. Try to keep the numbers of monsters low by collecting the Monster-Ex bonus item whenever it appears somewhere. An xbox version that will be played with gamepad follows within the next weeks .

Monkey Madness Gameplay Video

Monkey Madness Screenshots

Website : Phoebit, Twitter : @Phoebit

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99, You will be able to play 2 levels and between 2 levels some ads are shown in the trial version.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $0.99
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  • Phoebit

    Version 1.8

    - game is now free
    - new power-ups
    - game balancing tweaks