LilDemonsSplatter : a nice First Person Shooter

LilDemonsSplatter Windows Phone

LilDemonsSplatter Windows Phone

LilDemonsSplatter Windows Phone

I love joystick shooter. I feel I have to warn you about this in advance because I am prone to gush at the things that I truly love. Joystick controls are truly my favorite kind. It really is great to see such a high quality shooter available in the Marketplace for such a low price. High quality, XBox Live Indie Port? What more could you ask for?

Even though I may have given a lot away in the first paragraph there is more to behold in this game. LilDemonsSplatter, yes I’m quite sure it’s supposed to be one word, is a first person shooter for our amazing WP7. It offers several different weapons including a rocket launcher, and different kinds of enemies.

Enemies come in different varieties. Some of them die on the first shot no matter what gun you shoot them with, others take more shots and get larger when you shoot them, then explode, taking nearby enemies with them. Some cast shields around the other demons and protect them from your ruthless shots.

Splatter offers 3 different kinds of gameplay which seemed to mostly feel like different types of scoring. It seems that King of the Hill and the Waves style of gameplay are set in the same level and mostly vary in the scoring. However the Knockoff gameplay has holes in the level and if you fall through you die. I feel this is the most difficult level to get high scores on because keeping track of the demons and the holes at the same time is difficult.

Controls for the game are simple enough and well implemented. The joystick on the left controls your panning and motion, while touching anywhere else on the screens tilts your crosshairs up and down. You also have jump, reload and fire available to eliminate those little devils.

Overall DemonsSplatter is a really great game, despite the obvious fact that it reminds me of rap music. The only problem that I had was that after not very long the music stops playing and doesn’t seem to restart itself, hardly enough to deter the rating or make the game any less worth it. It was just a bug that I happened to noticed. Not that big of a deal since I usually play games with the sound off but it would be nice for that problem to be remedied. Other than that check it out in the Marketplace. Totally worth it.

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Version Under Review : 1.3

LilDemonsSplatter is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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Price : Free
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  • Brian Martinez


  • labbi

    why i cant download it?! there is no download button like in other apps..
    some facts:
    HTC 7 Pro—O2—–Germany

    • Saijo ( Cyb4n )

      download button is on all review posts like this one

      • labbi

        I know …this is a Link to zune and at zune there is no Button and at my mobile i cant Download it too.

  • Yoow

    where you can download`??

    • Saijo ( Cyb4n )

      just click on the download button( underneath the game icon ) in the orange box

  • disco karaoke weston-super-mare

    Thanks for this game, it reminds me a little of Doom.
    So much better in my opinion I love the ‘splatter’ effect, what a shame this hasnt advanced into a multiplayer (MP) enviroment by some crazy devs lol.

    Thanks again :D

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  • AntonTsung

    BLOODY BRILLIANT GAME, I cant believe I haven’t seen this game till now. Great work lads.