Infinite Flight Windows Phone Flight Simulator Review

Infinite Flight Windows Phone

Infinite Flight Windows Phone

Infinite Flight Windows Phone

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator on the WP7 Marketplace that is not for the faint of heart. I seriously have my doubts that if you’re a real pilot that you could be disappointed in this game. I’m not a pilot myself but I have a hard time imagining that the developers have left anything out of the flight experience other than the smells.

First and foremost I want to talk about the graphics on this game. These graphics are easily some of the best on the Marketplace. I believe they are on par with the graphics the first generation Playstation, if not in between a PS1 and PS2. The visuals are amazing not just for the environments but the planes themselves as well. The planes are all shown in stunning detail no matter what angle they’re viewed from.

The game offers a variety of different flight scenarios. Not only are there several different planes that you can fly but there are several different times of the day that are available for flight. Players can fly in the afternoon, the morning and even at night.

There only two things about the game that bother me slightly. I don’t feel the missions that you are supposed to complete have very clear instructions. It’s not that difficult to put together but just a simple “Fly through the red squares” would be appreciated. The only other thing that gets me slightly is the tutorial. It’s very long. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes. I say this with a grain of salt because the tutorial is necessary but it really does seem too long to me. I just want to be able to sit down and play the game but there is a lot of good information in the tutorial that will help make you a better pilot.

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Website : Flying Development Studio LLC, Twitter : @flyingdevstudio

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $4.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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