Implode! : time to blow stuff up

Implode Windows Phone

Implode Windows Phone

Implode Windows Phone

Implode is a game that depending on where you were with mobile OS’s before good ol’ WP7 you may already be familiar with. It’s a version that puts forth good graphics, music and presentation to a game concept that many know and love.

The idea of implode is the demolish structures. Plain and simple. You get grades based on how low the remains on your structure get. To demolish your structures you strategically place different kinds of bombs on it to destroy it.

This game is largely based in logic and trial and error. You have to look ahead in some instances and determine the type of impact that different bomb placements will have.

The graphics and presentation is on par with what we’ve come to expect from the quality Xbox live titles. Good sound effects. Good music. Smooth gameplay and an overall enjoyable experience. I highly recommend checking this game out in the marketplace. Its one of the Xbox live titles that you will truly be proud of achieving gamer points in.

Implode! xBox Live Achievements

  • 10 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 10 zones in the game.
  • 12 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 12 zones in the game.
  • 15 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 15 zones in the game.
  • 4 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 4 zones in the game.
  • 6 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 6 zones in the game.
  • 8 Zones Unlocked (10 points): Unlock 8 zones in the game.
  • Ace! (10 points): Earn your first A+ grade.
  • Architect (5 points): Create a custom level.
  • Bombs Away! (10 points): Blow up 10 unique buildings.
  • Fivefold (5 points): Download 5 zones.
  • Implosion 101 (5 points): Blow up a building.
  • Implosion Apprentice (15 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of 6 zones.
  • Implosion Expert (20 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of 10 zones.
  • Implosion Grandmaster (20 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of the game.
  • Implosion Journeyman (15 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of 8 zones.
  • Implosion Master (20 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of 12 zones.
  • Implosion Novice (10 points): Earn an A+ grade in every level of 4 zones.
  • Show Off (5 points): Upload a custom zone.

Implode! Gameplay Video

Version Under Review : 1.0

Implode! Screenshots

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

Our Rating for Implode!


Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $2.99
Marketplace Download   OR Code
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  • DavidinCT

    Cool game, grabbed it, seemed like good playabilty for $2.99 US with plenty of achievements to get.

    The problem I find is, getting A+ on everything can be hard. Some buildings I can get to fall with one bomb(very low level hight) but, still get a B or C on it, I have even gotten an A on some but, getting that A+ appears to be inpossable unless you move a bomb to a perfect point that could be very hard to find so those final achivements can be a real pain to get.

    Just the concept of blowing up buildings was a must buy for me…very fun and entertaining

  • Nick DiFurio

    I bought and its funny but not as addicting as angry birds. [Posted from the 1800PocketPC app]

  • Ariana Roxanna

    Tons of achievements! Looks like a fun game.