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Harbor Master is a game that has awesomeness written all over it. The controls, graphics, music and SFX are all top notch and most gamers would be happy with the game. Harbor Master will remind you a lot about Flight Control and the gameplay is quite similar, you draw the path for various boats and ships to the port and avoid collision, sounds easy ? trust me its not that simple.

In the game you are a Harbor Master who must guide all the ships coming and going in to the port to unload their precious cargo. You have to guide them into docks so that they can un-load their cargo and then guide them back out to sea and take care so that no ships/bots cross path at the same time. To complicate things you have color coded cargo, pirates, cyclones and monsters.

Guiding these ships is a matter of drawing a path from the ship to the port at which you’d like it to dock and unload its cargo, if a valid port is selected the path is locked in and the ships will move along that path. You got to keep a constant watch on the path the vessels take so as to avoid collision and new ships will keep coming from all directions. Eventually there will be a lot of ships on the screen and it’s all about keeping them apart till you get the time to unload the cargo and send them off. You get a handy indicator at the side which shows you a new ship is coming from that direction so you can plan accordingly. There is a fast forward button that you can use to speed up the game and clicking on it again will switch it back to normal speed.

The game has so many gameplay elements that makes it a great little game. There are 3 different kind of boats
small boat - quite fast and has one cargo
medium ship – moderate speed , 2 units of cargo
large tanker - quite slow and has 3 cargo

Obstacles comes in the form of
Colored Cargo - these has to be sent to the correct port for it to be unloaded
pirates – they are after your cargo and you have the authority to blow their ship using the cannon at your disposal
cyclones - they will send you ships out of their designated path which is a sure way to cause trouble
monsters – these things like to destroy ships and you gotta scare them way before they destroy your ships

The online scoreboard and xBox Live achievements adds a lot of replay value to this game and even with out those the game has the potential to keep you coming back for more. Over all impression : Harbor Master is a must have for Windows Phone 7 gamers.

Harbor Master WP7 xBox Live Achievements

  • Explorer (5 points): Play every level.
  • Perfectionist (10 points): Play a game of at least 50 points without any warnings.
  • Privateer (5 points): Sink 50 pirates.
  • Davy Jones (10 points): Sink 100 pirates.
  • Kraken Cracker (5 points): Scare off 50 monsters.
  • Calamari King (10 points): Scare off 100 monsters.
  • Pacifist (10 points): Score over 50 on Cannon Beach without killing any pirates.
  • Animal Lover (10 points): Score over 50 on Monster Cove without killing any monsters.
  • Are We There Yet? (5 points): Keep a boat on the screen for 3 minutes.
  • Multitasker (5 points): Have 10 boats on the screen at the same time.
  • Impatient (5 points): Score at least 25 points on Fast Forward.
  • Fast and Furious (10 points): Score at least 50 points on Fast Forward.
  • Speed Demon (15 points): Score at least 100 points on Fast Forward.
  • Captain (5 points): Score 25 on any map.
  • Ocean Veteran (10 points): Score 100 on any map.
  • Old Salt (15 points): Score 200 on any map.
  • Admiral (25 points): Score 500 on any map.
  • Long Haul (5 points): Ship 1000 lifetime cargo units.
  • Circumnavigator (10 points): Ship 10000 lifetime cargo units.
  • Harbor Master (25 points): Ship 50000 lifetime cargo units.

Harbor Master Gameplay Video

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Version Under Review :

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Website : Imangi Studios, Twitter : @imangi

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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