Fight Game Rivals : turn-based strategy fighting game for Windows Phone




Fight Game Rivals is one of the new game announced for Windows Phone during Gamescom 2011, we have got some more info about the game and the gameplay involved.. In Fight Game: Rivals, players try to become the best underground fighter in the world. By unlocking new skills throughout many different fighting styles and winning tournaments around the world, players can earn the chance to fight world famous fighters Sem Schilt and Alistair Overeem! The game will be a Single Player xBox Live game and will comes with the usual bells and whistles like achievements and online leaderboards.

Fight Game Rivals is developed by Khaeon Gamestudio ( an independent game development studio based in The Netherlands ) exclusively for Windows Phone

We have also learned that the gameplay is presented as a series of tournaments against increasingly more difficult opponents. Before each tournament starts, a fighter from a roster of six must be chosen. Fighters will earn credits for winning (and even participating) in tournaments. Credits can be spent on obtaining new fighting locations, skills and fighter outfits. Credits are always shared between all six fighters from the roster. The game is said to offers various Fighting Skills and fighting styles and allows players to choose different styles after unlocking them which in turn can lead to creating personalized styles for each gamer.



The game uses simple touch gestures like tap, hold, drag and drop and swiping and we have been told that the game is playable with a single finger. The fight itself uses a turn bases strategy approach , not something that one might usually see in a fighting game ( where button mashing is the norm ). You get to pick from various fighting styles , as you would expect the Basic Fighting Skills inflict lesser damage and are very easy to perform while the more advanced Fighting Skills have the potential to do a lot more damage but can be countered if you don’t get the timing right. Timing comes in to play when players have to press the appropriate buttons on the screen before they disappear. These buttons can be of varying sizes, appear in multitude and can even be buttons that should not be touched which reduce the score of the Timing Game when accidentally tapped.

[NOTE]Check out some of the screenshots and a gameplay trailer below, and you can get more info from their website : or Facebook[/NOTE]

Fight Game Rivals Trailer

Fight Game Rivals Screenshots

We hope to take a closer look at this when its released. We don’t have a release date at the moment but will inform you guys as soon as we get the info.

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  • Shanlee Jake Corpuz

    release it for free please ??? :(((( and also support for wp 7 not only for wp 8 please :(

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  • Jon Vano

    Any release dates??

    • Saijo George

      I think it comes out next week

  • Eprior

    Looks good but I wish there was multiplayer.. does anyone have an opinion on what’s the best multiplayer turn based game on the WP7?

  • Alu

    Excelent… Hurry Up¡¡¡

  • Fighter

    people will buy a windows phone just to play this game , it looks hardcore … when will it be released !!!!! Me wants to play it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lee kien hui

    It’s look great