ColorBlast : multiplayer match 3 inspired game

Color Blast Windows Phone

Color Blast Windows Phone

Color Blast Windows Phone

Though I had no Galaga clone this week, it seems that the old nostalgic feeling continues. Looking at Color Blast is like looking at the non-XBox Live version of Collapse. Which I reviewed a few weeks ago when it launched.

The controls are enjoyable and easy and the gameplay is simple enough. Mostly based on the classic types of games that we’re used to seeing being available on phones these days. It felt like a combination of Collapse and Marbles. The idea is simple. Touch groups of blocks in order to destroy them. Groups have to be of two or more, the more blocks are in a group, the more points you will get.
The twist with this game over Marbles is that instead of trying to see how few marbles you can have left at the end of the game, blocks continue to feed themselves from the top and you have a certain amount of time to get points. Think Bejeweled.

And I did just stumbled across a great feature that I didn’t initially notice. This game has a server gameplay. At first I was confused, “what’s the deal just start my game?” But I noticed that you are actually playing with other players at the same time as you. Games are generated at random times and in a way this is really a massive multiplayer game. You can also invite friends to play with you as well. So you can play Color Blast against other friends of your choosing. This definitely is the feature that sets this game apart. Highly enjoyable.

It’s simple and it’s free. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, multiplayer, which it has. If you don’t feel like forking out the money for the XBox Live Title Collapse then this is definitely a good alternative and gotta love that multiplayer feature.

Edit Saijo George :

We have seen a few other Real Multiplayer Games for Windows Phone : if you are in to word games there is wordament and if you are a number puzzle guy you can pick up NumberTap and now you have a Bejeweled inspired game too :)

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Version Under Review : 1.0

ColorBlast is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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Price : Free
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