Collapse : a cross between Tetris and Marbles

Collapse Windows Phone

Collapse Windows Phone

Collapse Windows Phone

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the games Marbles and Tetris had a baby? Me neither, but it does make for a fun game. Collapse! launched on the WP7 marketplace this week as our XBox Live title and I welcome it with open arms.

The games premise is almost just as I described in the love-child from about. A little Tetris thrown in with some marbles. There are several different styles of gameplay including, Strategy, Puzzle, Panic and Relapse. They all have their own strategies and quirks to them but overall the gameplay is based on the same premise. Tap three or more blocks to collapse them.

Strategy is based on keeping your blocks below a certain height on the board. Puzzle is set in a way to see how little moves it takes to remove all of the blocks from the board. Panic has blocks that not only come from the bottom but from the top at intervals. And Relapse has blocks that continuously come from the top and the bottom.

There’s also an arsenal of powerups and upgrades to help you along the way. Bombs of all different sorts, time freezes, and linear bomb are there to lean on during those particularly difficult levels, and if you’re a little OCD like I am and have to get three stars of every single level, you better start utilizing them. Powerups are simply upgrades to your weapons, bigger blasts and longer freezes to name just a few.

The game has a Quest, or story, mode as well as a quick game mode. So whether you’re looking for a long game or just a quick in an out this game has you covered. Music is superb in this game and all of the different types of gameplay keep you coming back over and over again.

Collapse xBox Live Achievements

  • Buster (10 points): Remove more than 20 blocks with one move.
  • Big Buster (20 points): Remove more than 30 blocks with one move.
  • Huge Buster (30 points): Remove more than 40 blocks with one move.
  • Clean Sweep (30 points): Remove all the blocks on the screen.
  • Fast Sweep (30 points): Remove blocks 5 times within 4 seconds.
  • Rainbow Sweep (30 points): Remove blocks of every color currently in the game in rapid succession.
  • Sniper (10 points): Every click removes blocks.
  • Close Call (10 points): Complete a level when blocks are at the topmost row.
  • Single Handed (10 points): Complete a level without using any power-ups.
  • Puzzle Genius (20 points): Solve a puzzle with as few clicks as possible.

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Version Under Review : 1.0

Links : website

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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Price : $2.99
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