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Chess By Post

Chess By Post

Chess By Post

Chess By Post Free is a FREE turn based chess game for Windows Phone 7. Now you can play correspondence chess with your mates from any where in the world. Windows Phone 7 has got a lot of games by now, but not a lot of them will require deep thinking and analysis of each move every turn like you would in a game of chess. Chess is a skill game and the odds of winning by luck is almost nonexistent in a game of chess.

When you first launch the game you have to register a username and once that is done you can jump right in to a new game. Chess By Post uses a minimalist approach to design and offers a very basic chess board , with a few custom colors .. now this should not be a flaw coz this works quite well for a game of chess. When you launch the game you will see a message if its your turn to play, you can easily slide across to the next screen which displays how many game you have in waiting where your opponents have to make the next move. A game will stay active for about 5-6 days and if no move has been made it will expire. The game also keep track of your past games.

Chess By Post offers 4 type of games out of which only one game is considered as a ranked game. This is when the game picks out a random Chess By Post player to play against you this can be any one of the other Chess By Post player in the world. Being a turn by turn game once you submit a move the opponent gets a Tile Notification ( this notification goes on silently ie, there is no sound or tactile feedback when you receive the notification , personally an option to have Toast Notification active for selected games if possible would be much appreciated feature – more on the Types of Push Notification for WP7 ). The developer has also informed us that the game keeps track of your ranking and automatically pairs you up with players of comparable skill level.

The other 3 modes are unranked games where you can send a game request by username or to anyone in your contact list ( you will send an email asking them to download the game along with your username ) or play a 2 player game on the same device. Once in a game you can swipe to the left or right to bring up the in game chat window. One other great feature is that you have a back button which can be used to rewind the moves played so you can keep track of who the games progresses if you are coming back to the game after a while.

And since this is an online multiplayer game for WP7 you will get some games that will just stay active for a couple of days with no response and then expire and as more people download the game the more games you get to play. The lack of single player game mode ( against AI / against the phone ) is a drawback to the game but a as a FREE chess game that offers multiplayer game with other WP7 users , I am not going to whinge about it. Over all Chess By Post Free is a very impressive Multiplayer Chess game for Windows Phone 7.

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Developer : Jeff Cole

The only difference between the paid and free versions is that the free version has ads while the paid version is ad free. The paid version is available for $2.99

My Username is bestwp7games, feel free to add your username via the comments for a game of chess from our readers or myself :)

Chess By Post FREE WP7 Download

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Chess By Post WP7 Download

WP7 Marketplace Download

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : Free
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  • http://Windowst Lester w Smith

    MY username lessmi is still on file, but I forgot my password. Can u help?

    • http://Windowst Lester w Smith

      The setup is very detailed with the leaderboard. MY username is lessmi and I forgot my password. The 5 day expiration takes longer making it difficult for those who play fair. But would you and could you change my password to 54321 ?

      • SaijoGeorge

        try reaching out to the developer.

  • Terrance Tucker

    My user name is trock222. I need with my password. I had a phone reset. I need to continue my 12 games.. Thanks for your help!

  • GeoBlank

    Awesome game! I am currently in the middle of about 60 games and I love it. I have definately gotten to be a better chess player since downloading this :)

  • 22bad

    I love this game but this is the second time its gone down and I’ve been locked out. How do I get back in and get an update on the progress being done to get us back in?

  • Lester W Smith

    I have been playing under the usernames of Walthall3824 and Waltha and Lessmi which I would like to keep but I have forgot the pastwords. I s there anyway I could keep the ratings for all three with a new pastword?

  • Adit Dalvi

    I forgot my password. And there’s no forgot my password link … So sad :(

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  • Crisrowlands


    haha :D Ive only just noticed this.
    I removed the live tile from my homescreen :(

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