Bubblo World : an interesting way to pop bubbles

Bubblo World Windows Phone

Bubblo World Windows Phone

Bubblo World Windows Phone

This week I’m taking a look at Bubblo World, and the more I play it the more I’m glad that I got the opportunity to do it. This is a great little game that I think everyone can enjoy and check out. It’s intuitive, challenging and overall just a really fun little game.

First things first, Bubblo World is a chain-reaction type puzzle game. The basic idea is that bubbles in the level are set up in such a way that by positioning your reactions in the correct way you can eliminate all of the bubbles within the level. When all of the bubbles are gone, you move onto the next level. Though it sounds simple some of the levels in this game are far from easy.

One of the things that is pleasing about this game is the thought that went into it. The music is pleasant and the sound effects are none too shabby either. Both of these can be turned off in the settings menu if they just aren’t your thing, (or at this time of year sitting in a class). That’s part of the reason I’ve enjoyed reviewing this game. It’s a simple game that gets more difficult as I progress and it really is a great time waster.

The only small complaint I have about the game is that the graphics aren’t anything special. Which is fine, a game doesn’t have to be Sonic 4 or The Harvest quality graphics to be worth your time. The controls are intuitive, responsive and easy to understand. Not to mention it just seems like I keep coming back to this game. Like Angry Birds used to be for me in its’ heyday.

Bubblo World Gameplay Video

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Background : sonnykingblack

Version Under Review : 1.1

Devs Twitter : @baracat_wp7

Bubblo World is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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Price : Free
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