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Bouncy Mouse Windows Phone

Bouncy Mouse Windows Phone

Bouncy Mouse Windows Phone

If there was ever a name to scream ‘hack job’, it was Bouncy Mouse. If developers Munkadoo Games wanted their game to sound like a lazy title trying to cash in on the preschool market, then they have succeeded magnificently. It’s fair to say that I went into the game with limited expectations.

More fool me.

Bouncy Mouse is a game about catapulting a mouse around an arena. Unlike Angry Birds and other games of its ilk, however, this is not a destructive game, nor a game about repeat launches from a single position. Instead, Munkadoo Games have taken this drag and release control system and applied it to a platforming framework, having you launch your mouse between anchor points in his quest to reclaim the ‘big cheese’.

As the title implies, this mouse is unusually bouncy, and the game quickly demands more than simple point-to-point launches, having you ricochet the mouse off walls and other obstacles to get to the next point – and to collect fragments of cheese located in out of the way places. The mouse will bounce indefinitely, coming to a stop only on contact with an anchor point – or a hazard. It’s the latter which prevent you from launching your mouse with gay abandon, as your mouse can only survive four brushes with danger per level.

And here’s the thing – this game is actually quite hard. Very quickly the levels build up in challenge, throwing more and more obstacles in your path, new tools to make use of. Just as you begin to get a sense of how best to manipulate your mouse, how to arc him through the sky just so, the game throws blowers in your path, making you account not just for gravity, but for cushions of air as well. And as each level begins to hide the collectable blocks of cheese in ever more dangerous locations, aiming for 100% completion becomes more and more risky. It’s enough to make you question the game’s apparent choice of target audience: this is a lovely feeling game, full of charm thanks both to the cartoony graphics and the cheery sound direction, but while it looks as though it’s been marketed towards children, the youngest players are sure to find the game overly taxing.

This isn’t a criticism of the game, incidentally: though tough, it is always fair, and the controls feel just right – the mouse is just bouncy enough, his stretchy tail perfectly elastic. It just feels as though it’s been marketed at the wrong audience. Still, for older children (and anybody else with a taste for physics-based platformers) this is a lovely little game – and, for the 79p entrance fee you have access to a generous 30 levels spread across 3 lands, with another promised later this autumn. Though the levels are short, each is entertaining – and difficult – enough to justify the cost, and considering the prices that many other games on the Marketplace demand, while offering far less content and polish, this seems a more than reasonable price. Well worth a punt.

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There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99, we are not sure what are the limitations of the trial version.

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  • Ariana Roxanna

    Completely unique game :)

  • Ariana Roxanna

    Completely unique game :)