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Armored DriveWP7

Armored DriveWP7

Armored DriveWP7

Armored Drive is a new free ad-supported game by Elbert Perez. The game is a mix of shooter and racing and is fun for those quick short games while you are waiting for something to happen or got a few minutes to kill.

I did receive a preview copy of the game , some of the things in the final version which is now available via the marketplace might be a bit different but the over all concept and gameplay will be the same. Check out the full review below

Armored Drive is one of those games that you will find quite easy to get started with , its got a simple menu that most of his games have with some basic settings , credits , leaderboard and free games section. One thing you will notice here is that there is a button which will give you free credits that you can use towards your upgrade. Once used it will give you 500 credits and disappear , it will be available again after 4 hours. Jumping in to the game you will see that there is a small tutorial that will tell you how to play the game. You can jump in to the upgrade menu or launch a new game from this screen.

The game offers about 15 different upgrades from horn to wheel spikes along with the staple AK-47 , shotguns and oil slicks fire slicks, etc. Each upgrade will cost money and you earn money by staying alive in each round. When you are in a game you have access to these upgrades some of which are active all the time while others can be used by clicking the corresponding button and will stay active for a short period of time and then will need some time to cool-off the weapon before it can be used again. There are multiple backgrounds for the levels , other than the visual difference it does not really change much in terms of gameplay.

With the game you use the accelerometer to control your “Armored Drive“, there is no settings to control the sensitivity of the accelerometer but after a few tries you should get used to it. The aim is to destroy everything in your path and try to avoid crashing in to anything. Initially you will find it hard to stay alive but once you save up a bit of cash and install a few defensive and offensive upgrades you are pretty much unstoppable. Each level only runs for a certain amount of time after that the game ends and you are given a score depending on how well you performed. You can submit this to the online leaderboard, but you have to enter your name each time , which can be a bit annoying.

Few things that I hope will get addressed in future versions :

  • You have this small puddle of water / cracks in the road , I was hoping to see that Armored Drive will spin out of control or lose control momentarily when going through them but unfortunately it does not in current version
  • The Engine upgrade will make everything go faster but does not give you any significant monetary boost , so my suggestion is to stay away from that upgrade if you want to earn more money. ( this upgrade does make the game much more challenging )
  • Ability to save the game so you can resume it later
  • An endless mode where you can play the game for as long as you can stay alive

To sum it up its a fun game with some nice replay value and well worth checking out. I will not be rating this game coz I tested a different version than the one on the marketplace.

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Version Under Review : Preview Build sent to us for testing

Website : Elbert Perez, Twitter : @mechaghost

Armored Drive is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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