Alphabuzzle : word puzzle game for windows phone

Alphabuzzle Windows Phone

Alphabuzzle Windows Phone

Alphabuzzle Windows Phone

I have to say that Alpha Buzzle is one of the most original games that I have reviewed for some time. I like to see these refreshing titles in the marketplace. It’s a great idea and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. The only thing I don’t like is how I’m going to describe. I’ve thought about it and really trying to describe this gameplay is a little bit difficult. I’m going to try but don’t be surprised if you have to rely on the tutorial in the game to get you through it.

Alpha Buzzle is an alphabetical puzzle game. this idea is to get all of the letter from A-Z lined up in the correct alphabetical order. Easy enough right? Not really. The developer has really done a great job in creating a unique puzzle game that is challenging.

To get the letters lined up of course starts out easily enough in the first few levels but ends up becoming very difficult as you get farther in the game. Part of the difficulty is based on you. You have unlimited moves to get the letters lined up correctly but I have to get the minimum amount of moves possible. That’s just me.

Did I mention that the letters are placed within barriers that have to be moved within a certain area? I didn’t? Well they are. That’s where the challenge comes in. This game is both addictive and satisfying and I’d like to just say it’s been a while since I had a game that I wanted to leave the sound on for. A truly enjoyable soundtrack are there to walk you through the gameplay. Truly a worthy and enjoyable title. Highly recommended.

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Website : Feel Good Seal

Alphabuzzle is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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Price : Free
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  • feelgoodseal

    Awesome review thanks! Now version 1.3 is out with 156 extra Gamma Levels!