3D Paperball : a free paper toss game for Windows Phone

3D Paperball Windows Phone

3D Paperball Windows Phone

3D Paperball Windows Phone

I always love a new take on a classic. Ok, so it might be a little early to call Paper Toss a classic. However, there are so many iterations of it out there it’s hard not to. Paper Toss is a game enjoyed by many and 3D Paperball will be no exception. So for starters, how does this game vary from the original style Paper Toss games? First and foremost the ominous fan is no more. But don’t be fooled, this game is still plenty challenging. In fact, I have a hard enough time getting anywhere in this game as it is. However, my personal imaginary paper throwing skills aside this game definitely has an interesting challenge to it.

One of the new improvements of this game however is that the challenge of the fan has been replaced with objects in the room. Instead of having to throw the paper farther one way or the other you now have to dodge desks, chairs, garbage cans and any other assorted office mischief the game can think to throw at you. One of the other great things about this game is the way it utilizes the accelerometer control the position you’re throwing from. If there is a chair in the way you can simply tilt your phone to get a better angle for your throw. Not to mention this game also gives you the ability to bounce your paper off of objects in the room to gain more points. The only thing off limits in this game is the floor.

Overall this is a great take on what I really think is a modern classic. The controls are unique, the aspects of the game are unique and the gameplay itself is very responsive and pleasing to the eye. Check it out on the Windows Phone Marketplace before the developers realize what a great game they’ve created and could probably charge for it if they wanted to.

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Version Under Review : 1.0

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3D Paperball is a FREE game for Windows Phone 7

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  • Victorjr

    Only thing, is that the 4 tutorial screen really is weird. I don’t grt tge games physics.