3D Mahjong Solitaire Free : match up tiles in this Mahjong game for wp7

Mahjong 3D Solitaire

Mahjong 3D Solitaire

For anyone out there who likes a good game of Mahjong, this is perfect for you! I have to admit I was quite surprised at how good this free game is.

This is an XNA based game which has nice menus & two modes of play; Free Play & Mahjong Champion. In ‘Free Play’ you can choose any game from the extensive list of tables whereas in Mahjong Champion mode you have to do them in order to win badges & you only get a limited number of hints to use up.

The gameplay itself is pretty smooth & looks great. Instead of just having a flat, top down view of the tiles, it shows the tiles in full 3D & you can rotate by swiping left/right, tilt by swiping up/down & use pinch to zoom in/out. The graphics are really nice & smooth & the 3 buttons for Hint, Menu & Help are kept nicely out of the way in the corners, plus a timer to show how long you’ve been playing.

There’s also a button at the bottom which says “Tap here to view ad” but other than that, there is no advertising. It has a nice list of options; you can change between 4 sets of tiles, 6 backgrounds & change the player name. You can also enable/disable sound effects & global high scores.

Overall, this game gives much more than I expected. With smooth, fun gameplay, nice graphics & a huge list of tables to play through, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Background: Mahjong Titans / Windows 7.

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Developer: Wanderling

3D Mahjong solitaire free costs nothing, but there is also 3D Mahjong Solitaire (not free) which costs $2.99 and has no adverts.

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