Words by Post FREE : turn based multiplayer Scrabble clone for WP7




We have seen a turn based chess game from Jeff Cole and now we have a multiplayer Scrabble game called Words by Post. The dev has informed us Words By Post uses the Elo rating system to continually estimate your skill level after you win and lose games and always tries to pair you up to players of similar skill level. There is also a leaderboard view where you can see how you stack up against everyone else playing the game.

Play this classic word game with real people! Challenge your friends to friendly games or play ranked matches against random opponents of similar skill levels. Play as many simultaneous games as you want!

Pin the app to your home screen and push notifications will let you know when you have moves waiting!

Chat with your opponents using the in-game message board.

Improve your ranking by playing ranked games against comparable opponents. Skill ranking updates using the classic Elo rating system to adjust your rank when you win or lose. A leaderboard view shows you how you compare to the top players.

Words By Post is perfect for players of all skill levels because your opponent’s skill level will be adapted based on your own skill level over time.

Local game mode lets you pass your phone back and forth with a friend to play a game in person. After your turn, your friend’s tiles are hidden from view until they reveal them.

Words by Post Screenshots

Website : Jeff Cole

There is a FREE version available and the full version is available for $2.99, the free version has ads.

Words by Post PAID WP7 Download

WP7 Marketplace Download

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : Free
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  • Mary Columbus

    I hope this is getting to Jeff Cole, the creator of Words by Post. I used to be tysgirl12@hotmail.com until I was having so many problems with my phone, T-Mobil had to reset my phone. I have emailed you several times under 2 separate email accounts. Both the previous account and the current account. Well when T-Mobil reset my phone, I permanently lost my tysgirl account. This is heartbreaking to me because I have lost several friends. Is there any way you could help me back? On my windows phone I am currently monkeysuncle. I’m looking for a man named John in Ohio whose screen name is osarck, osark, Ozark, ozarck, or some version thereof. Is there possibly any way on earth you can help me? Just email me back at Columbus_mary@yahoo.com. Please?

  • Chris Tovar

    I get a lot of ‘invalid words’ when I know they are legit. Also, what are the rules of the game, I have yet to find them.

  • Davida OBannon

    What is wrong with the server. I can’t log into the game. Have uninstalled and installed several times get the same message

  • carol de mesa

    has anyone installed words bypost at samsung galaxy y (andoid) phone.?
    im currently having problem with it. i cannot see the “submit” button.
    i have checked the FAQ, but the solution doesnt seem to work as well.
    hope to hear some assistance. thanks much.

  • Davida OBannon

    Could you email me my username and password. Cannot log in

  • smik

    The alert system that tells me my opponent has moved has stopped working. I’ve re-installed 3 times but it makes no difference

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P3U7ZZB5TP3AMDUIKKUEOCNVQ4 Quintin Modkins

    I have been playing with friends on iPhone and Android so it shoudl just be a matter of getting them to play it.

  • Sharon

    Do you have this for the apple iPhone yet?

  • Cuggy

    I love this game but now it won’t load at all! Very frustrating!

    • smik

      you need to reinstall it

  • Spanishgirl75

    is anyone having problems with words?

    • Charityknitter

      I am having an issue creating an account…any guidance?  It just hangs on the account creation screen on my new Win7 phone.  Also…it would be GREAT if i could play against my friends using Iphones or Andriods – them and their darn Words with Friends…

      • RumpRoast


        You can play against other Android devices as I’m playing 3 different games with friends with Android devices from my Samsung Focus

        • http://www.bestwp7games.com/ Saijo George

          that is awesome :)