Tut’s Towers: Egyptian Pyramid-Building for WP7

Windows Phone Game Tuts Towers

Windows Phone Game Tuts Towers

Windows Phone Game Tuts Towers

Tut’s Towers is similar in gameplay to Cargo Crush, which was the second game I reviewed for Best WP7 Games. It is similar in that both require objects to be stacked on a level, in a way in which they can remain stable. Tut’s Towers, however, has an Egyptian setting, using triangles, blocks and circles as the main objects to be stacked. The player’s stacking then has to settle within ten seconds of the last object being placed in order to remain stable.

The first level is a very basic introduction to the game, and essentially requires the stacking of boxes on top of each other in a vertical pillar. The boxes oh-so-coincidentally happen to fit within the height of the screen; one possible issue here, though, is that the top half of the last box has to be placed on the ad, so it has to be grabbed by the bottom half or risk accidentally clicking on the advert. Still, it serves as a good introduction to the game mechanics and shows how you can view the entire queue of objects for that level.

I liked the queue mechanism in this game, as it was very easy to use and provided good and much-needed help with the strategy of the game: it showed what was next and also gave an indication as to its area, the size of the object, so that you could see where it might best fit on the level. I noticed in the early rounds, however, that the game is definitely aiming for you to reach a particular solution; there may be other ways which work also, but there is one that is the most elegant and simplest. Here it differs from Cargo Crush, which just wanted the cargo to be stacked to a certain height, and how it looked was not relevant. Something else I missed from Cargo Crush, and I feel this would be born out of the one-solution-mindset, was that dropping anything meant resarting; in Cargo Crush, that item would just be re-added to the end of the queue.

That said, I still liked the game overall and it was easy to play but still challenging; there are three difficulty modes (easy, medium and hard), each with their own set of levels. The developer still seems to be updating the game and is aiming to soon bring more levels into play. There is also community-generated content in the form of level packs designed by other players and uploaded for you to download. If the game’s levels are too few and you are looking for that extra challenge, there are plenty of these to keep you going for a long while longer.

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