Flight Control is coming to Windows Phone 7

Flight Control is a huge hit on the iPhone and it practically introduced the line drawing genre games and now there are many games that is trying to bring this simple control mechanism to their games. In Flight Control you take the role of an air traffic controller there are multiple landing zones on the overhead map and you have to guide the imcoming air traffic to the correct landing zone and avoid mid air crashes. While the game seems incredibly simple it has the potential to be a very addictive game and with xBox live integration that brings achievements its sure to be picked up by many games from the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. We contacted FireMint who developed the games on iPhone, who told us

We are not actually developing for Windows Phone 7 ourselves, the development and publishing of Flight Control on non-Apple mobile phones is being done by Namco, under license.

So Namco Bandai Games will be bringing us Flight Control on Windows Phone 7. The game looks quite similar to the iPhone version from the gameplay video.

video via omnitechnews

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